And then along comes Mike Devon…

Join ruthless secret service agent Mike Devon across two decades of mayhem. His debut (Someone Has to Pay) sees his recruitment as leader of a special hand-picked team brought together with one specific job in mind – smash the IRA. Pitted against the IRA’s top enforcer, Devon takes the reins in a controversial shoot-to-kill campaign operating out of a former RAF base at Bishopscourt, County Down.

From there, he is headhunted by a shadowy private sector organisation tasked with keeping tabs on Britain’s enemies and eliminating all threats, sometimes before they have even had time to materialise. In Absence of Rules he has to deal with a sinister Russian oil billionaire intent on returning to the cold-war days of East-West conflict.

Along the way, Devon must foil a plot to blow up the Eiffel Tower and stop the assassination of some of the world’s leading businessmen.

In the highly-acclaimed follow-up (Absence of Mercy) Devon has to thwart a team of the world’s best assassins who attempt to side-track him from a plot to mount the biggest ever terrorist plot against the city of London.

The Big BoxsetIn Exposure to Truth Devon faces his most challenging role. When a former MI6 agent is brutally murdered after uncovering a trail of lies and deceit that threaten to expose some powerful and ruthless men, the agent’s widow and son are caught in the crosshairs. Their only hope of survival is Devon and his team.

No Margin for Error finds Devon in the middle of a hunt for a new terror organisation spawned from the nightclubs of Budapest and determined to bring death and destruction to major cities across Europe.